Toni Tennille

Dionne Warwick and Toni Tennille singing it like no other two ladies the standing ovation from the studio audience at the end!

Toni Tennille and Ella Fitzgerald, from the 1978 Captain and Tennille TV special Songbook.


Wonderful ensemble version of "'Heartache Tonight'" performed by Toni, Tina Turner, Olivia Newton-John from the 1980 TV special Hollywood Nights...real Hell's Angels were hired to give the set an 'authentic' feel!

Toni singing "Muskrat Love" with Daryl Dragon on the keyboards...she tells a funny story about Henry Kissinger from when the duo performed the song at the White House in 1976!

Funky bass groove and Toni Tennille's stellar vocals make a great late 70s track. Amazingly, this is ONE choreographed camera take...Daryl Dragon's flying keyboard takes it into the stratosphere!

Excerpts from Larry King's salute to the music of Harold Arlen starring Toni, Margaret Whiting, Jack Jones, and Michael Feinstein.

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